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Xylitol is a sugar alternative that looks and tastes like real sugar but contains less than 40% of the calories. Xylitol is a natural carbohydrate that is found in fibrous fruits and vegetables and approved for use as a sugar substitute in over 35 countries.


Stevia , white color and taste suitable, no smell, is the development of promising new source of sugar. stevia soluble in water and alcohol, sucrose, fructose, isomerization of sugar mixed with the taste better.

Xylitol benefits

Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that has been recognized by dentists and health professionals worldwide as a great alternative to white sugar. Commonly found in chewing gum and breathmints, Xylitol is known to have a many health benefits associated with its use.

Stevia FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

Stevia is a plant that contains natural sweeteners that are used in foods. Researchers have also evaluated the effect of chemicals in stevia on blood pressure and blood sugar levels. However, research results have been mixed.

I have a sweet tooth and have Type II Diabetes. With proper diet, I got the Diabetes under control, but I couldn’t have done it without the healthy sugar substitutes. I LOVE the Spry mints and gum. I always use the Stevia to sweeten my tea, and now I am trying different recipes with the Xylitol. So far I have made muffins, cookies, and homemade ice cream with it and they all turned out fantastic. It’s good to know that none of these will alter with my blood sugar or make me gain weight, and the best part of all is they don’t have any harmful chemicals in them like the other sweeteners on the market. -Michelle L. Spring Valley, CA